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In anticipation of the LCTM program, the American Concrete Pavement Association, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, and other qualified engineering professionals have formed the Reduced Carbon Concrete Consortium (RC3). The purpose of the Consortium is to help disseminate information on reducing carbon in the construction process and assist DOTs and other qualifying entities with the LCTM application. The Consortium is also available to provide technical assistance to DOTs and facilitate contractor preparedness with critical next steps such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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If you are a contractor, RC3 will provide information about EPDs and can assist in improving environmental impacts. We can also help train and provide the resources and access to necessary tools for their creation and application.

If you are project owner, governmental entity, tribal government, or other potentially qualifying grant recipient, RC3 can provide application assistance or technical support to achieve low-carbon concrete initiatives.

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