FHWA’s Low-Carbon Transportation Materials (LCTM) grants program provides significant investment into delivering projects with materials that have substantially lower levels of embodied greenhouse gases emissions as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. To meet this criteria, a concrete paving contractor will need to be prepared to supply an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD should be developed by the concrete producer. If you are a contractor producing your own concrete, ACPA can assist you in creating an EPD through our partnership with WAP Sustainability, which provides discounted access to ACPA members to their Theta EPD tool. This tool allows users to produce an EPD specific to the concrete being produced for a given project. In addition to ACPA members receiving discounted access to the tool, additional training and hands-on technical support is available. See video and slides at bottom of page for additional information.

The criteria for substantially lower embodied carbon refers back to national (and in some cases regional) benchmark information for EPDs. For concrete, this refers to the industry-wide average EPD for concrete produced by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center has recently published the Guide For Reducing the Cradle-to-Gate Embodied Carbon Emissions of Paving Concrete, which can assist with strategies for reducing the embodied carbon of concrete and help meet the EPA’s criteria. Contact us to learn more.

To learn more about developing EPDs, watch our introductory webinar below or view the slides. If you are a contractor starting to consider the development of EPDs, we encourage you to start collecting the necessary data that will be required for EPD generation using this spreadsheet.

A one-page pdf, “For Contractors Looking to Develop an EPD: Access RC3, a Consortium of Experts,” is available for download.


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