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Oregon DOT Explores Pooled Fund Opportunities

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) would like to explore participation in pooled fund opportunities with other state departments of transportation (DOTs) and state highway agencies (SHAs). ODOT has engaged many SHAs during the application development stage and has identified several opportunities to work together. There are several deliverables with significant expenses required to fully institutionalize a local LCTM Program. Here is an example list of expenses that could be amortized across state SHAs:

  • Development of processes to collect, store and analyze EPDs.
  • Development of verification process for materials using EPDs.
  • Estimation of costs for low-carbon materials.
  • Comparison of low-carbon materials and traditional material costs.
  • General training for both industry and agency workforce.
  • Collection and storage of time series pavement performance data.

Moving some of these costs to pooled funds would drastically reduce costs.

ODOT hopes FHWA sees the value and importance in creating pooled funds under the LCTM Program. Such an approach not only fosters a spirit of cooperation among SHAs but also ensures that all involved can benefit from enhanced research and technology sharing that are critical for successful implementation of the LCTM Program. Ultimately, such a partnership allows for more efficient use of resources, promoting better program outcomes while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


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