SPPCC Volume 2 Template Released

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UC Davis is leading the Sustainable Pavement Program Cooperative Center and working closely with FHWA supporting the LCTM Grants Program. Interactions with the Center (and with FHWA) have been routine throughout the development of the RC3 LCTM templates.

While the Center is still working diligently to complete their Volume 1 template, the SPPCC Volume 2 template has been released. Access the spreadsheet here. It is also posted (along with a couple of Tech Briefs including the “Goals and Co-Benefits” document we also shared earlier this week) on the LCTM portion of the Center’s website: Low Carbon Transportation Materials (LCTM) Grants Program | Sustainable Pavement Program Cooperative Center (ucdavis.edu). When approved by FHWA, Volume 1 will also be found at this link.

In reviewing the SPPCC Volume 2 template, you will see a lot of similarities to the RC3 Volume 2 template. Per our interactions with FHWA, either template will be “responsive” so long as it is supported by the Volume 1 narrative.

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